Would You Rather Have A Non-Traditional Wedding?

Posted on: 24 May 2015


Long gone are the times that required weddings to follow a strict traditional flow. Today, you do not have to wear a white gown nor do you have to get married in a church. Today, you can get married on the top of a mountain or in front of huge waterfalls. Maybe you fancy getting married in a hot air balloon or while riding your favorite roller coaster. However, if you are not into traditional or outdoor, exotic weddings, you might think about the kinds of venues available for setting up the following ideas for non-traditional wedding themes.

Space: Where No Couple Has Gone Before

If you and your fiance are Star Trek fans, you might love the chance to get married on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Setting up props to mimic the bridge on the Enterprise might be a slight challenge and lot of work, but if you are a dedicated Trekkie, you would find the time invested worthwhile for your special day.  However, you may be more into space related activities like star gazing or moon basking. If you would like to get married under a full moon or a sky full of stars, be sure to find the venue that will be open late at night for enhancing the night time theme.

As Long As There Is No Jousting

The medieval times holds an enchanting and romantic place in many people's hearts. Decorating a wedding hall to resemble a room in a castle can be lot of fun, especially when you take the time to locate the best accessories for the tables and floors. Create an authentic look by using heavy wooden tables and benches during your reception. You can add to the authenticity by adding pewter plates and other dinnerware. One of the most important aspects of a medieval wedding is making sure everyone in your ceremony is dressed accordingly. Learning more about the fashion during those times can be an adventure for an excited bride and the best way to plan the gown you will wear for your medieval wedding.

For your wedding day to be the most memorable and most enjoyable, you and your spouse both should get into the planning and organizing of your theme. Choosing a theme that includes something you both love will have a profound effect on the memories you will have of your special day.

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