Create A Venue Worthy Of A Rock Star

Posted on: 13 March 2017


Bring a touch of rock to your event, whether you are hosting a fundraiser, a birthday party, or even a wedding reception. Work with event rental companies to find the perfect equipment to transform any space into your own concert venue.

Consider the following features to bring energy and spectacle to your event venue:

Get the right lights. The most important aspect of a concert or performance is likely the event lighting. You can change the entire mood of your function by adding colored lights, flashing sequences, or dimmed-areas for a concert-like venue that will be remembered.

You can't go wrong with a fog machine. It may seem dated, but fog machines are still very much in demand and they truly embody the concert-vibe when used in a venue. These are easy to operate and widely found at most party rental businesses.

Illuminate your entry and exits. Make sure that the doors to your venue are clearly marked for easy entrance and exit from the event. This brings a real concert-atmosphere to your event, and also is an excellent safety precaution for crowded spaces.

Rent a raised-stage. People are going to want to dance, rent a raised-stage to give them a dedicated space to show off their moves. These also prevent the confusion and chaos that can occur when some folks are trying to mingle, eat, or when servers are moving about the venue. These are easily installed and can be found through a party or event rental company, although some bands and performers may bring their own to your event.

Go with live music. If you have the budget, opt for live music over a DJ. There is something electrifying about a live performance and it can bring a great energy to any event. Check with local talent agencies or even online classified ads to find an act that will be perfect for your function.

Splurge on security. If you have ever visited a club or attended a concert, you will see security. Recreate that vibe and prevent party-crashers by hiring your own security professionals. A doorman and a bouncer can address any issues if they arise, without taking you away from your guests.

Use these tips to bring some energy and intrigue to your event, and to create a concert-like vibe that attendees won't soon forget! Talk with event and rental companies to find these features to transform the atmosphere of your venue into something special.